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I was one of the 1st intake of students.

The course has helped me gain knowledge and experience.

I needed to work with young children, including special needs children, with barriers to learning.

I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity!

I now facilitate the course with a group of 3rd intake students.


I was one of the 1st intake of students.

The course has meant the world to me.

I started as a cleaner at Noah’s Ark.

Now I have my own class of 2-3yr olds.

I know how to plan for age-appropriate activities and how to manage a class of busy little ones.

I also use my knowledge to help students choose and loan resources for their activities from the Resources Centre.


I was one of the 1st intake of students.

I started the course in 2013 and graduated in 2015.

I was eager to learn about children and I loved the course.

After I graduated, I started facilitating for a group of our 3rd intake students. This has opened my eyes to see how much this programme has shaped my understanding of how to help others to be better teachers.


I am one of the 2nd intake of students and I am just about to graduate!

This ECD Level 4 Course that I have just completed has changed my teaching in so many ways.

I learned how important the first 7 years of a child’s life are- how young children grow and develop.

I had such a great mentor, who taught me much.


I am a 4th intake student.

This course means so much to me.

I will have the best knowledge and confidence to teach young children.