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Thoughts on the Asifunde Sonke training course - Debbie Rowe - Social Worker at Creighton

For as long as I have been involved in the ECD sector there has been such a dire need for quality training for our educators. We have been exposed to many different and well-meant training courses over the years, which have simply left the teachers rather frustrated and without a recognised qualification for all of their efforts. But since the advent of your training course all of that has changed, drastically and for the very, very best!

We were over-subscribed by teachers keen for the training when details of the course were announced. Maximising on the work of our lsibani Sezwe Centocow Rural Pre-School Association, we have managed to support two of the three training courses to date with suitable applicants. The students' results are outstanding and speak for themselves; however the hidden wonders are greater even than these. Through the course, we observe rural development in all of its facets come alive, children are educated to the highest standards imaginable and this bridges the gap which is of

such great concern in our education system and, more than this, communities are incredibly empowered and liberated. Ruralwoman who would not have been given a realistic chance to shine, are afforded the opportunity and the dignity to do so - their trail will blaze, of that I am certain !


The Level 4 ECD course has given me a great opportunity for success and so much knowledge about how to work with young children, even my own children. Thanks for the support of our manager, Love Trust and our Facilitator.


I am studying this course, because I want to be part of the lives of toddlers and young children. It makes me happy to be with them.

This course has done me so much good, because I have learned so very much. I am glad to be in pre-school.


What I have learned most from the course is all about taking care of an ECD Centre or school environment; e.g. safe and clean. I learnt about babies, toddlers and young children and developmental delays.

The practicals helped me a lot, seeing each class group and how they taught play exploring at the same time.

Being in pre-school makes me happy and seeing a child’s face smiling brings joy to my life.


It was a good time to do this course. It means a lot to me. It has given me a lot of experience. I would like to say thanks very much for giving me that opportunity. I truly appreciate it. You worked very hard to train us to be the qualified ECD educator – the tool you gave me. I am going to use it for life.

I really thank you for everything which you have done. I am so proud to be the mother of all professionals.